Roto Gear Pump

We are pleased to present D.N. Engineers in association to manufacture the Pumps and all spare parts with impeccable engineering. With enormous efforts in the manufacturing industry, our organization was reputed in 1993. D.N. Engineers is sited in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

With investing in quality of the products we manufacture, we have achieved an admirable position in the industry market. We offer an exclusive range of various types of pumps such as lobe pump, Eccentric rotor gear pump, Fatty acid plant pump, Homogenizer pump, spares such as Spare for acma soap wrapper machine, Spare for soap wrapper m/c, Toilet soap plant spare. We aim to expand commercially in the respective industry by gaining utmost customer satisfaction around the globe.

Rotor Gear Pump Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

We are established as the finest manufacturer of crank shaft, spares of pumps and soap machine, variety of utility pumps with topmost quality materials. Moreover, we offer air filter, oil filter, filter strainer, fatty acid plant pump. All the manufactured goods are verified in terms of quality to please the customers with premium products. The ceramic coating work, Tc coating work, recycled conveyor belt, Spare for acma soap wrapper machine, repairing of all types of pumps is also carried out. We seek customer pleasure through delivering our excellent services to the customer.

Roto Gear Pump Supplier

Roto Gear Pump Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Gujarat, India

Roto Gear Pumps are a type of positive displacement pumps consist of two gears positioned in a way inside a casing locking the teeth together while one gear is attached to a motor. The liquid moves between the gaps of the teeth of the gears when suction is performed through the pump, then it transfers to discharge end of the pump. Roto Gear Pump is an ideal option for the transfer of the highly viscous and corrosive liquids. Customization of these pumps can be done as per the requirement. For various applications like, paints, chemicals, oil and gas industry Roto Gear Pump is suitable. With innovative designs and effective performance, we are the Roto Gear Pump manufacturer in Gujarat.

Roto Gear Pump Supplier

We are the prominent supplier of Roto Gear Pump generally used in conducting vicious liquids such as oils, chemicals and other food components. We are actively involved in exporting and manufacturing the best quality Roto Gear Pump in Gujarat. Roto gear Pumps are ideally used in various applications relating to vicious liquids. We have supplied our range of Roto Gear Pump in number of industries in India. They are also used in pharmaceutical application for managing sugar solution and glycol. Precisely engineered our Roto Gear Pump is designed light weighted and offers excellent mechanical efficiency.

Roto Gear Pump Supplier in Gujarat, Andhra-Pradesh, Madhya-Pradesh, Uttar-Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamilnadu

Industrial Pumps Manufacturer

Industrial Pumps Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

We present extensive varieties of pumps in all shapes, and all sizes. Being a leading Industrial pump manufacturer, we have enormous collection of pumps and spare parts fabricated with enhanced quality materials. We have an ideal collection to suit your applications. Industrial Pumps are used in several sectors such as chemical, mechanical, food, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industry. Endeavoring to improve the features, we introduce the advanced range of industrial pumps.  The industrial pumps manufactured by us offer improved efficiency and reliability of the pumps. We aspire to provide quick shipment at affordable prices of the centrifugal pumps to various industries in India. However, the centrifugal pumps manufactured by our experts are served in various cities of India.

Stainless Steel Gear Pump

We are specialized in offering SS Gear Pumps in various cities of India, manufactured with excellent quality raw material, acquired from reliable vendors in the industry market. The Gear Pump is manufactured by using anti-corrosive stainless steel. The quality of the SS Gear Pumps is widely appreciated by customers we have served all over India. Owing to the features provided by our pumps, they are ideal for food such as butter, ghee and other vicious liquids. Based on our huge experience in the industry, we are the manufacturer and exporter of premium range of stainless steel gear pump and in addition we are also engaged in manufacturing customized gear pump with different sizes and designs to please our customers. 

Stainless Steel Gear Pump Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

Coupled SS Gear Pump

Coupled SS Gear Pump Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

We specialize in offering SS Rotary Gear Pumps, which are manufactured using quality raw material, procured from reliable vendors of industry. For the features that offer include easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, and require no lubrication, our manufactured Couples SS Gear Pump is appreciated widely. Because to these features, the pups are ideally suitable for handling viscous food product like ghee, butter, fruit pulp, and vegetables. For delivering the faultless range of stainless steel pumps, we examine the entire range on provisions of quality under the direction of quality specialist.

Gear Pumps for Chemicals

Gear pumps are used in chemical industries to transfer the chemicals and petrochemical liquids having high viscosity, to deliver fuel oil in burners, to convey fuel oil, diesel oil, and kerosene.  In hydraulic devices, the gear pumps are used in elevators and actuators. The gear pumps are used in various industries for handling paints, bleaches, petroleum, greases, solvents, glues, slurries, syrups and lubrication oils. Gear pumps are engineered in a way to offer compact design, smooth flow, self-suction, capabilities of handling high-pressure and high-temperature. To instigate the liquid follow, Gear pumps rely on two meshing gears. They are precisely designed with rigid fits, thus, they are able to work against high differential pressures. We are the supplier of gear pumps for chemical industry.

Gear Pumps for Chemicals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Rotary Gear Pump

Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Bhavnagar, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Anand, Sanand

Internally, the rotary gear pump is a positive displacement pump. To generate the flow, a rotary gear pump utilizes a rotor and idler gear assembly. Using a curved adjacent to the internal gear, the assembly is offset. The rotary gear pump is used for vicious liquids like oils, fats, slurries, syrups, etc. As per the displacement, the efficiency of the performance of the pump is derived. The pump introduces a case in which the outer rotor gear and the idler gear are present. When the rotary gear turns, with the teeth starts meshing accordingly, the idler gear rotates. We are the manufacturer and exporter of rotary gear pump with first-class quality material. We have supplied our rotary gear pumps in various parts of India.

Eccentric Rotor Gear Pump

The eccentric rotor gear pump is a type of helical eccentric screw with a high pitch and huge thread depth. The flow rate depends on the pitch of the rotor, the diameter, the eccentricity and the speed of pumping rotation. With the differential pressure, the capability of pressure is determined by the number of stages. Through suction a significant amount of liquid enters the pump, with each revolution of the pump’s shaft. Spaces between the teeth of the rotor and idler are filled by this liquid. The flow of the liquid is separate by the crescent on the pump head. The idler gear is connected to the pump cover and the rotor gear is directly rotated with the pump shaft to carry the liquid.

Eccentric Rotor Gear Pump Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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